Missed The “Digital Disruption and the Future of Digital Marketing” Webinar? Here’s The Recording!

digital disruption

Digital Disruption and the Future of Digital Marketing – Free Digital Marketing Webinar Recording 

We know that digital technology has fundamentally disrupted numerous vertical sectors: just look at Music, Travel/ Leisure and Publishing.

To marketers, it sometime seems like digital is moving too fast for us to keep up. No sooner have we figured out SEO than Google changes its Algorithm.

We’re only just getting our heads around Facebook’s latest rules for ‘Pages’ and meanwhile our agency points out that brands seem to be having more success on Pinterest and Instagram. What’s our strategy for WhatsApp and Snapchat?

Should we be taking the plunge on Responsive Design, or will the website last another year?

It seems that Google Glass is the standard bearer of a whole new range of ‘wearable tech’ which is set to fundamentally change what we understand by ‘mobile computing’.

AARGH! What’s a marketer to do?

In this engaging and dynamic webinar, digital consultant and author Mike Berry takes us on a whistle-stop tour of what’s changed, what’s new and what (may be) next, helping us distinguish between trends and fads and calling for a renewed focus on those timeless basics of marketing communications: right message, right person, right time.

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