(Stats courtesy of Marketing Week’s Salary and Career Survey 2014– published 15/1/14).

There is no better time to be getting into marketing, with senior level salaries rising on average by 14.4% over the last year. According to the survey by Marketing Week, senior marketing directors saw their salaries rise from £75,345 to £86,165 on average in 2013.

And mid-tier marketers also saw a rise, although maybe not quite a significant as their seniors, with the average rise for mid-tier marketing positions being 3.6%.

No matter where you stand in marketing, incomes have seen an increase of some sort, reflecting the increasing influence and significance of marketing to UK businesses.

Average marketing salaries saw a rise of £2,500 to £45,021 between 2012 and 2013.

The best sectors to be in when it comes to salary are management consultancy and automotive, with average salaries standing above £58,000 in both these sectors. Next up, all with average salaries above £52,000 are the strategy consultancy, media (TV, cable and satellite), and alcoholic beverages sectors, while travel and leisure, charities/non-profit organisations, education, public sector, agencies and sports marketing all have slightly lower average salaries between the £40,000 and £35,000 mark.

As for the marketing skills gap, most marketers are still feeling below par when it comes to digital marketing, with 31.7% of those surveyed expressing a need to improve in this particular areas, with social media being a worry for 17.1% and mobile for 11% of marketers. With these skills being so closely interlinked, you could consider it closer to 60%, meaning digital integration in general appears to be the biggest area for improvement among marketers.

So with a skills gap growing where digital marketing and integration is concerned, and with average salaries across the board on the rise, there has been no better time to get qualified in digital marketing. There is a growing demand when it comes to digital, whether you choose to specialise in one specific area or choose to gain multiple skills, and the best way to get recognised in this areas is to gain desirable digital marketing qualifications.

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