marketing courses CIMCIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma student Helen Frances has recently achieved the highest marks throughout the world for the Analysis and Decision (A&D) module which she recently completed at our Bournemouth Centre as part of her marketing course.

This prestigious achievement meant  Helen received the Global Award from Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) something both herself and her tutor are extremely proud of. Helen tells us in her own words about her studying experience with Oxford College of Marketing and just how it felt to gain such a sought after award.

“I took on the challenge of PGCDipM (Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing) after being made redundant – I had had a great job, and losing it was really tough. However it did give me the chance to think ‘what next?’ and I quickly decided that this was the right course for me. I had lots of experience in managing organisational change and leading SBUs, and I hoped that the PGCDipM would enrich my ability to make good quality strategic decisions.

I enrolled into the Intensive Weekends option, which suited me as I like the face-to-face tutor time, and the opportunity to spark new ideas with other students. The course content was extremely interesting, and I took the opportunity to read widely around the core texts – the online resources provided by both OXCOM and CIM were comprehensive, and really helped me develop my understanding. My particular interest is in organisational integrity and reputation; the organisations I know best are seeking to achieve transformational change whilst at the same time maintaining employee trust and customer loyalty – and that is a tough ask! I think achieving this is one of the most important routes to sustainable competitive advantage, combining the ability to engage our employees in a way that is authentic for them, create relationships with our customers based on sustainable reputation, and manage organisational transformation to remain viable in a world of rapid change.

Through the PGCDipM I acquired new ways of understanding the role of strategic marketing in building long term success; the tools and techniques in each module were well structured and the academic perspective was very engaging.

The award I received from the CIM was as Top Student for A&D, and for me the rapid and deep immersion in the case study was combined with an in depth evaluation of how well the various strategic approaches could be used to create genuinely useful solutions. At work, it is often so difficult to identify value in the ‘noise’ overload of information and data, and A&D was a good testbed to practice asking the ‘what if’ questions of data. Developing my ability to prioritise the important stuff in a structured way is  already really useful  in my work, and I refer to the articles, books and my exam preparation notes almost every week.

I was so delighted to receive the award, and felt quite overwhelmed to be singled out from so many students, each of whom will have made their own unique contribution both in their studies, and using their new knowledge in the workplace. It has ignited my determination to continue studying, and I’d really enjoy developing a more in depth piece of work with an organisation, perhaps leading to a Masters in due course? Whatever I do next, I will be looking to match the enormous satisfaction of combining academic learning with practical workplace benefits – that’s what really motivates me.”

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