marketing courses CIM, CAMWhen marketers think about freelance work, many put their fears ahead of taking the plunge and building up their own business. Whether it be fearing they won’t earn sufficient money, thinking their skills don’t offer value or make them suitably qualified or assuming a permanent job is more secure for them in the long run, people shy away from the idea without a second thought.

But what if digital freelance work was more beneficial in the long run than gaining a permanent job in the current business market?

According to a report from Elance, digital marketing skills are increasing amongst the freelance community. With an extremely competitive job market where full time jobs are now few, companies have started to hire more freelance workers in order to meet the core skills required internally. These skills are then easily transferred as an external source through that particular agency and are able to enter the new age marketing world.

So is gaining this experience more advantageous from a marketer’s perspective? Here are just some of the reasons why freelance work is the way to go for marketers:

You choose where you work

Freelance work means freedom. Whether you choose to work at home, in a coffee shop or on a train, you can be more flexible with your location. Unlike a permanent job, you aren’t working a certain contract so you can work anywhere you want at any time of day.

You can choose who you work with/for

One huge advantage of working freelance is you get to choose what kind of clients you work with. As a result, you end up working with a broad range of companies, all of which have different needs and principles, allowing you to develop your proficiency within the business. Not only do you make yourself more employable, you also achieve great experience which builds up your C.V, allowing you to return to full time salaried work if you choose to.

You gain better work prospects

By getting involved within the freelance work ethic, you are able to gain better work prospects because, to a certain extent, you can choose which projects you work on. You gain a lot more freedom and choice within this industry as you bring the clients to you. You cover a wide range of topics allowing you to extend your knowledge and make yourself well established, something you can’t always achieve with a permanent, in-house position within one company or even within a marketing agency position.

You can make a better wage

Very often when it comes to freelance work, you can sometimes earn a better wage purely because you set your own prices, within reason of course. Because of the competitive job market, many people are accepting pay cuts and aren’t getting the typical salary that you would have previously for having a certain level of skill. But when it comes to freelance, you have the power to set your own prices (within the market range) meaning you get paid what you deserve for your hard work and level of experience/qualification. And because you’re in control of your own business, ultimately you decide how many jobs you take on.

With this however, don’t neglect networking opportunities. The more established you are the more clientele and work you have. If you don’t get your name out there work can be slow. Just remember to focus on your own marketing as well as that of your clients.

It’s a good way to prove and develop existing skills

Freelancing is one of the best ways to put your marketing skills to the test. Not only can you use skills you learnt from a previous job, but you also gain the opportunity to apply them to a more professional level. The main skills currently in demand within the industry at 57% are IT and Programming, followed by Marketing and Content Creation, which is ranking high year on year. By using these skills to build up your own business, you are offering exactly what organisations are looking for, extending your skill set and employability rate.

Along with this, you can also engage in CIM or CAM marketing qualifications to help better your skills as a freelancer in marketing. Although freelance work is beneficial for your own personal development and your CV, you can also increase your chances of gaining more clients by expanding your expertise.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is an extremely large and successful professional marketing institution that has become well established globally. Offering a range of different courses that tailor to a variety of needs and levels, CIM courses demonstrate how to execute marketing activities, how to gain marketing credibility and offers practical insights into the industry.

The Communications, Advertising and Marketing (CAM) Foundation focuses on the implementation of digital marketing campaigns and plans. Their courses cover digital marketing behaviour, marketing essentials and marketing planning, where they demonstrate how to use certain media platforms to meet certain contemporary needs and trends.

In addition to all of this, 69% of people admit they are happier doing freelance work than when they were in full time employment. So not only is it beneficial to you and your CV, it makes your bank account and you happy to boot!