Student Story – Jeevi Secured Her Dream Job Thanks To Her Digital Marketing Qualification and Oxford College of Marketing

I graduated in BA Business and Management a few years ago and when I entered the job market, I knew I wanted my career to be in marketing as those were the modules I really enjoyed throughout my degree.

I knew as my degree was quite broad and specialising in a marketing qualification would give me a competitive edge against other graduates of my age. With the market being so competitive I had no doubt in my mind this was the correct route to go down. I had started to search around for a training institute where I could gain a qualification and came across ‘The Oxford College of Marketing’ – the college immediately stood out to me – with lectures being taught at my local university and the 84% pass rate was really encouraging.

I set up a meeting with a tutor to talk about which course I should enroll on. After some discussion about my interests/future plans and where I see my career going she suggested a course in ‘Digital Marketing’ – once I researched this course properly I remember thinking how valuable this would be on my CV as this is exactly the direction in which marketing is going – online and digital.

Once I enrolled on the course I really enjoyed learning about all different digital strategy’s which I was not aware of. My manager started giving me responsibilities that nobody else in my team really knew how to do. There were three assignments to complete – one per module and I’m not going to deny it was really hard work and a lot of time needed to produce a comprehensive assignment. However, there was always a lot of support offered whenever I needed it – from additional resources/webinars  and discussion forums on blackboard to my tutor being an email/phone call away. My tutor was fantastic, she always provided in depth feedback and gave lots of helpful suggestions and tips and I felt she always went the extra mile to offer as much support as she could.

After successfully completing my qualification. I started a new role with a global consumer company. I currently sit in their digital marketing team and work with some really fantastic well established brands. In addition, I get to work with international brand managers and a key role in my current job is to enhance and maintain brand websites, which I really enjoy.

Without my digital qualification, there is no chance I would have been accepted for my current role – it really gave me the competitive edge on my CV which is exactly why I chose to enroll in the first place.

I would highly recommend ‘The Oxford College of Marketing’ for gaining a specialised qualification and thank you to all the helpful staff for all their encouragement and support, and for giving me the boost I needed in this fiercely competitive market.


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