Firstly, may we say huge congratulations to all our recent CIM and CAM marketing graduates, as always you have done us very proud! So as a newly qualified digital marketer, you will be no doubt spending most of your time scouring job sites and filling out endless amounts of application forms to try and get into the industry you are now fully trained for.

Getting your CIM/CAM qualification is a great way to boost your CV and your employability in the marketing arena, so well done to you for achieving that first step. Here are some more top tips for optimising your employability and helping your land your dream marketing job:

1. Check niche websites such as LinkedIn or specialist marketing job listings for the best quality vacancies. Take a look at our recent article on ‘How To Use LinkedIn To Land Your Dream Marketing Job’.

2. Be sure that you have carefully read the requirements and responsibilities of the role, and are positive that you have ALL skills and qualifications required, could perform ALL tasks required, are proficient in ALL listed software, and then some.

3. Be sure to narrow the job search to the very maximum you would be willing to travel. It can be hard to find the perfect job role in our current locations, so many people decide to commute nearby cities, but be aware of the reality of the commute, as it can be tiring, disheartening, and adds hours onto your work days.

4. When crafting a cover letter to send with your CV, try to refer back to the job description and key roles and responsibilities listed. E.g. The role says ‘Must have excellent organisational skills, be a people person, and be proficient in Microsoft Excel’. You should say ‘I am a very organised worker, and am proficient in all Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Excel. I am a friendly and outgoing person who loves working with others.’

5. Highlight all your relevant experience and qualifications in the cover letter, such as a CAM Digital award or marketing degree, and work experience within the industry. This will make your cover letter stand out, and makes it more likely for your CV to read rather than tossed in a pile to be ignored.