LinkedIn is the world’s professional networking site, where even busy senior/management level executives within companies find the time do some networking. That’s because they understand just how important LinkedIn is to the business world, and not having an optimised profile on there is fatal to your career, especially in digital marketing!

Because there is so much high calibre talent on LinkedIn, it has become the place to go when searching for the perfect candidate for the job, and not only do 77% of job vacancies get posted on LinkedIn, but companies and recruitment agencies actively search profiles and contact promising ones about opportunities in their area.

For those reasons alone, LinkedIn should be your number one tool when searching for your next marketing job, and here’s how to use it to its full potential in your job search:

Optimise Your Profile

Your profile is vital to your job search, as it acts as your online, interactive CV, and when applying for jobs on LinkedIn this is the first place potential employers will look to determine your suitability for the role.

Make sure your profile is 100% complete, and that all your relevant qualifications and work experience have detailed descriptions, detailing skills you gained, roles and responsibilities you had, etc. as this will give potential employers a better insight into your individual skill set and experiences.

Also optimise your personal description and skills sections, making sure they are detailed and hold keywords relating to the jobs you are searching for, as this will enable your profile to be picked up in searches by agencies and companies looking for candidates.

Make Useful Connections

The more connections you have, the better chance you have of being connected to someone who may be useful in your job search. You also come up in more searches, as 2nd and 3rd degree connections are more likely to be displayed than ones that have no mutual connections.

If there is a particular company you want to work for, make connections with relevant people within the company and start a dialogue with them. Building good relationships could stand you in good stead for gaining that all important foot in the door when the right opening comes up.

Join Relevant Groups

There are ample groups on LinkedIn where people discuss marketing, digital marketing, niches within marketing, marketing jobs, and much more. Joining these will give you another way of finding new and relevant connections and being found in searches, and being kept up to date on opportunities within the industry. Joining in on discussions where you feel you can give a good input is a good way to get noticed by the right people within the groups, but don’t go joining just for the sake of it as it will have the opposite to desired effect. Only comment or start a discussion if you have something relevant and well informed to say.

Use Recommendations and Referrals

The great thing about job listings on LinkedIn is that it allows you to see how you are connected to the manager who is hiring (i.e. any 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree contacts you have in common or any shared group contacts you have). This can then allow you to ask a contact who is connected to the hiring manager to send a referral for you.

Some potential employers may favour candidates who have recommendations on their profile. These, again, are something you can ask connections for. If you have worked with someone in the past and connected with them on LinkedIn, send them a well structured and polite message asking them to kindly recommend you, and if it is relevant for you to do so then fill out a recommendation for them prior to sending the request.

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