In order to enable you to see which marketing colleges are performing well, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)  have brought out a new system of commendations for colleges.

These are awarded on study unit basis where an Accredited Study Centre has submitted a minimum of 5 papers for that unit and achieved a 90% pass rate or higher on that unit.

CIM will not allow us to compare our list of commendations with our competitors, but as a student or potential student of CIM, you should ask the college about their commendations, as this is the only way centres can differentiate themselves in terms of quality teaching.

Since the new system was brought in, CIM have awarded Oxford College of Marketing 16 commendations, 9 for our December exam results and another 7 for our March results.

So when choosing a potential college to study for your CIM marketing qualification, be sure to ask about commendations, as the amount of commendations awarded is the best way to determine the quality of teaching the college can offer.