Jo Ellick suffered a great tragedy while studying for her Diploma in Marketing when her husband was struck with cancer. Jo gave up on her studies to care for her husband. After he passed away, Jo took the brave leap back into her career and thanks to her CIM Certificate in Marketing  and the Diploma in Marketing she is now a successful entrepreneur AND because of her CIM training with Oxford College of Marketing now has  her dream job. Read her heart warming and inspirational story told in her own words:

“After completing the Certificate level of Marketing, I had progressed one module into the Diploma, when my husband took sick and died of cancer.  I gave up my position as Sales and Marketing Manager at Cable & Wireless to care for my husband.

Three years after my husband’s death and working in clerical positions, I was asked if I was interested in applying for the Company Accountant’s position with Seafish (Falklands) Ltd.  Accounts have been a natural ability and before taking an interest in marketing, accountancy had been my main job.  The General Manager, whom I had worked for previously with a different company, knew my capabilities as an accountant, but was very interested that I had progressed my career and training to marketing. 

Seafish Chandlery Ltd, which is a company under the Seafish (Falklands) Ltd umbrella is a retail supermarket, who was quickly poaching market share of their biggest competitor and wanted to develop their marketing techniques.  Hence my marketing training and experience was considered useful.

After achieving my Diploma, I have now set up a restaurant/hotel/bar business with two other partners, who have catering experience, after recognising a market niche for a mid-range restaurant and taking into consideration the increased people traffic through the islands with the oil industry and de-mining teams.  I am responsible for the business and market planning and the accounts. 

I decided to keep my position with Seafish (Falklands) Ltd, as now being a single mum, I have to ensure the security.  The business and business opportunities for Seafish have been developing fast and as the General Manager and myself, as Company Accountant, do not have the time to deal with these opportunities.  We decided to employ someone to undertake the business development side, but with no suitable candidates, it was decided to change my job.

In the New Year, I will train an Accounts Assistant, who will eventually take over the role of Company Accountant, and I will take on my ideal job of Marketing and Business Development Manager.  As the Accounts Assistant is trained and capable of taking over the management accounting, forecasting and budget controls, I will look at steering Seafish to a marketing oriented company and develop and implement the marketing plans of its subsidiary companies.  I will also develop any business opportunities that become available to Seafish.

I really look forward to starting this exciting journey of a career change.  Thank you to Oxford College of Marketing for helping me achieve my goals!”