Marketing advice for digital marketing job seekersSo you want to dive into the digital marketing industry, but how do you find a job that will suit your skills, experience and qualifications in such a vast industry where jobs are few and far between?

Here are some useful tips to take on board when searching for a digital marketing job.

Many digital marketing companies prefer to take on someone who has the relevant qualifications, experience and skills for the role. But what are they? And do they match yours?

Are you qualified in digital marketing?

Recognised qualifications within the digital marketing sector include university degrees in a relevant area such as marketing, PR and/or communications, journalism or other media related degrees. Some prefer you to have a more focused qualification such as the CAM (Communications, Advertising and Marketing) Digital award available from  Oxford College of Marketing. If you don’t have any of these relevant qualifications, it is worth looking into doing at least one, as many will not entertain an applicant without any.

Do your digital marketing skills match up?

The skills required for digital marketing manager roles are for the most part gained during marketing or related courses, and include:

  • Excellent written skills and grammar
  • Proof reading and a keen eye for detail
  • People skills including ability to lead and build relationships
  • Good organisational skills
  • Work well under pressure and can work to short deadlines
  • Project and campaign management skills
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office suite and other relevant software such as Google Apps, Adobe Photoshop and PDF software.
  • They may often require you have a working knowledge of one or more of the following: Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, Social Media.

Does your digital marketing experience speak volumes?

Many digital marketing roles, especially managerial positions, require you to have some industry experience and a proven track record to prove you are worthy of the position and can handle the responsibilities of the role.

Some marketing courses will offer you the chance to take on practical work within the industry as part of the course, but many do not and so it could be left up to you to ensure you have the right level of experience to back up your skills and qualifications.

To gain this experience, it is advisable to go in at entry level if you have never worked in the industry before, even if your qualifications state that you are qualified for management roles. This is to ensure you get the hands on experience and unique skills that can only be gained from working within the industry, and you need to know what those entry level positions entail before you can go on to manage a team of people within those positions. Look for part time role, paid or otherwise, within the industry that can be work around your study (if you have chosen to work while studying). If you have completed study, opt for a full time entry level position in a marketing company, preferably one that is small enough to have the time to show you the ropes, but one large enough to have an impact on your CV.

If you are currently applying for digital marketing jobs, check that the positions you are applying for are within a decent travelling distance as most positions will be office based, and remember every company is looking for someone with that extra something different, so make sure you give yourself the best possible chance by ensuring you have all the right skills, qualifications, experience and even more.

Good luck and happy job hunting!