CIM and CAM exam results

Exam results time always provides an opportunity for jubilation and also alas, for disappointment. Congratulations to all those who passed, and commiserations to the few who failed. I am really sorry we have let you down.

Compare our results with the CIM averages.

It is always useful to compare ones results to the CIM averages – in fact we leap on these as soon as they come in – and many discussion then follow on how we can improve and how we can help make things easier for students next time round.

These gave Oxford College of Marketing an 87% pass rate – 20% above the CIM average of 67.67% . Additionally, 50% of our grades were AB – so thank you to all of you who have worked so hard to achieve this.

Introductory Certificate
What is marketing? 100 % ( CIM average 66.87% )
Understanding Customer Relationships 100% ( CIM average 79.55% )

Certificate in Marketing
Marketing Essentials 86 % (CIM average 58.21 %)
Assessing the Marketing Environment 86% ( CIM average 71.92%)
Marketing Information and Research 83% ( CIM average 76.36%)
Stakeholder Marketing 100 %( CIM average 77.98 %)

Diploma in Marketing
Marketing Planning Process 87% ( CIM average 73.68% )
Delivering Customer Value 71% ( CIM average 58.62 %)
Managing Marketing 91% ( CIM average 61.41 %)
Project Management in Marketing 73% ( CIM average 57.88 %)

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing
Emerging Themes 100 % ( CIM average 71.68 %)
Analysis and Decision 84 % ( CIM average 56.63 %)
Marketing Leadership and Planning 100 ( CIM average 52.70 %)
Managing Corporate Reputation 75% ( CIM average 62.70%)

Intro 100% pass
Certificate 88% pass
Diploma 86% Pass
PGDip 85% pass

CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications
Marketing and Consumer Behaviour 75%
Public Relations 83 %
Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion 100 %
Advertising 70%
Integrated Media No results

Diploma in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Essentials 89%
Digital Marketing Planning 100%

Diploma in Managing Digital Media
Integrating Digital Media and Branding 100 %
Implementing Digital Campaigns 100%

Of course, if you do fail – it is what the college will do for you that will make it then a tolerable event or a totally intolerable event. All our part time evening, Saturday seminars, and intensive weekend students can come to class for as long as they want to, in fact until they pass. All students also remain on the Student Learning System until they pass – and we will not charge you any extra for this.
Student who do fail will need to do another assignment or exam and we do charge for the costs of managing this – this is the absolute minimum as the tutors do have to get paid. CIM will also have to be paid again.

In view of the CIM average pass rates – and the policy that some colleges have on recharging for access to learning systems and classes – it is important that you choose the right college where you will have a greater chance of success and in view of the CIM averages, remain supported until you succeed.

Failure is not always a bad thing – it gives one the chance to relearn something and become better at it – I know one does not always feel like that at the time – but I do speak from experience having failed exams myself in the past. Still, it’s not what happens to you in life; it is how one reacts to it. One thing I have learned that one can very rarely control what happens to one, one can only control oneself and ones reaction to it – and that is probably the most difficult thing to learn how to do. Especially as this is ones job………

Mind you, I am still swearing at that xxxxx who failed me in my dispensing exam – it took a year out of my life and changed my future. Probably saved some lives though!

If you feel you have been unfairly treated by the CIM, or indeed by ourselves, please write to me and we will do all we can to remedy the situation internally and also with the CIM.

Thank you all for working so hard! Rosie

PS When you do a CIM or CAM course with us you get free access to all 6 of the digital modules – this means you keep up to date with all things digital and pay us to do all the awards at a later date.