Over 250 people achieved outstanding results in the CIM and CAM December 2010 exam board with OxCOM!

* 100% pass rate for ALL CAM Digital Awards
* 100% pass rate for the Diploma in Digital Marketing
* 100% Pass rate for2 awards from Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (MLP and ET)
* 100% pass rate for the Introductory Certificate in Marketing
* 76% pass rate for the Professional Diploma in Marketing (CIM average 59%)
* 84% pass rate for the Professional Certificate in Marketing (CIM average 58%)
The reason we are so successful is because we are committed to the support we offer you. We are the only college to provide:
* Online access to the academic material via our e-learning system
* Access to our online, email and telephone support team
* Personal Assignment tutor, exam revision with telephone and email support
* Homework marking and mock exam marking with feedback
* Webinars, podcasts and test you knowledge
* Free access to OxLearn.com videos
* Free access to the new CAM Digital awards

If you are considering a CIM or CAM course, or would like to find out more about the new pricing please call or email us to arrange a telephone interview or an open evening with your Centre Manager.
01865 515255