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5 Tips For Improving Your Marketing Job Search in 2015


The job market has vastly improved for marketers in 2014 and the New Year promises to be an even better one for those looking to change roles. With new opportunities opening up as we adapt to the ever evolving marketing landscape, it’s a great time to be switching roles or getting a foot in the door in the marketing sector. [...]

The Top 5 Hashtags Every Digital Job Hunter Needs To Follow


Social media has transformed the way we perform a lot of activities, job searching in particular. In the digital age, getting ahead in the job search doesn’t just mean having a LinkedIn profile and following some employers on Twitter. It means actively following the communities where the best opportunities are found and making the most of social media’s influence in [...]

Planning For Professional Development


Whether you are looking to move into a higher role or new career, or are just wanting to gain more satisfaction from your current position, professional development is the key. What Is Professional Development? Professional development defines the process of evaluating and improving your current and future career prospects. It can be done by anyone, regardless of their field or [...]

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